Conversion Croix Blanche

November 2022

Kitchen: dismantling, interim storage, equipment extensions and planned new installation at the end of 2023. Ventilation: complete disposal. Heating: oil heating shut down, oil tank disposal - replacement by geothermal probes. 

October 2022

Works have started.
A first step (asbestos remediation) has been completed. The new logo is fixed. Eva Hofstetter from Murten provided efficient and innovative graphic design support: - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

September 2022

Project modifications.
All plans were revised by the site manager and architect and approved for execution by the client

August 2022

What will become of the Croix Blanche Sugiez?

Apart from refreshing the wood paneling, the counter and the floor, there will be no changes
The Forge with the large fireplace and the whole space remains the same. Future tenants can use the old forge for special occasions
Two old, bricked-up windows to the restaurant are reopened and the entire kitchen, slightly enlarged and renewed with a special washable wall plaster
A new restaurant in the style of a winter garden will take the place of the old wooden extension attached to Mont Vully
Hotel room upstairs.
The upper floor with five rooms in sizes from 22m2 to 53m2 will be completely redesigned
Redesign of a rental apartment on an area of 140m2 with 10 skylights.

July 2022

The approval process with building permit/extension was successfully completed by Bönzli + Partner, Kerzers and the project was handed over to the client at the end of June 2022.

Ralph Erhart, Managing Director of InnoVully, Lugnorre, will take over the construction management on behalf of Andreas & Erika Kyriakakis, Sugiez, from July 1, 2022. The provisional schedule envisages starting construction work in October 2022 and completing the project in early 2024. The architectural services are provided by APA Atelier Pulver Architectes, Nant.

After 20 years in the governance, risk and compliance software business, Andreas Kyriakakis will be leaving Symfact AG a UNIT4 Company at the end of October 2022 and will be involved in the renovation of the Croix Blanche Sugiez hotel/restaurant.


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